A site where you can see famous Japanese actresses without modification.


In this article, we explain about the actresses who are active on the site “Caribbeancom” and their recommended videos. Caribbeancom is a long-established video distribution site where you can enjoy videos for a monthly flat rate. Members are divided into “General members”, “VIP members”, “Super VIP members”, and “Annual members”, each with restrictions on the works they can view.

在這篇文章中,我們解釋了在“Caribbeancom”網站上活躍的女演員以及她們的推薦視頻。 Caribbeancom是一個老牌的視頻分發網站,您可以享受每月一次的視頻。 會員分為“普通會員”,“VIP會員”,“超級VIP會員”和“年度會員”,每個人都有觀看作品的限制。

Japanese videos are basically modified, but this site is not modified. Furthermore, there are appearances by porn actresses who are popular in modified videos, and it is a recommended site where you can watch videos of popular actresses without modification.


From here, I will pick up actresses who I personally recommend.



Yui Hatano( 波多野結衣)